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All systems are operational.


  • Phishing mails stealing (Hetzner) logins
    • Phishing emails are currently being sent in the name of Hetzner. You can identify the email by the following signs: - Subject: "Hetzner Online GmbH - E-Mail-Adresse bestätigen" - Sender: Hetzner Online GmbH It tries to get you to go to a fake login site for konsoleH/Hetzner Accounts so that it can steal your login data. Do not open this email or click on any links it contains. If you accidentally went to this phishing site and entered your login data, please contact our support team as soon as possible. Write a support request using your accou ...
    • Start: 2022-01-25 13:00 UTC+0
    • Affected systems: General

  • Discontinued support for operating system CentOS-85-64-minimal
    • Since the official support for the operating system is very limited / is no longer available, we will discontinue support for the image CentOS-85-64-minimal and we will remove it from our official product portfolio beginning on 10.01.2022. If you still need this image, you will still be able to find it until further notice in the "old_images" section of our Installimage script. You can find a guide to Installimage on Hetzner Docs here: https://docs.hetzner.com/robot/dedicated-server/operating-systems/installimage/. Important note: The operati ...
    • Start: 2021-12-29 12:00 UTC+0
    • Affected systems: system images

  • Discontinued support for operating system image Debian-stable-64-minimal
    • Due to naming changes in our operating system images, we will drop the support for the image named "Debian-stable-64-minimal" and remove it from the list of installable systems with the release of Debian 12. For new installations, we provide the image "Debian-stable-amd64-base" which points to our latest supported Debian stable release.
    • Start: 2021-10-21 10:00 UTC+0
    • Affected systems: system images

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