Discontinued support for operating system CentOS-80-stream-amd64-base

Status: Planned
Affected systems: system images
Start: 2024-06-04 08:00 UTC+0 Ends on: 2024-06-19 08:00 UTC+0
  • Description
    Since the official support for the operating system is very limited, we will discontinue support for the image CentOS-80-stream-amd64-base and we will remove it from our official product portfolio beginning on 19.06.2024.

    If you still need this image, you will still be able to find it until further notice in the "old_images" section of our Installimage script. You can find a guide to Installimage on Hetzner Docs here:

    Important note: The operating systems in the "old_images" folder will not receive any updates from Hetzner Online, nor will we be able to offer any technical support for them.