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All systems are operational.


  • Friendly warning: Discontinued support for PHP 7.1 for web hosting and managed servers
    • We will discontinue support for PHP version 7.1 for all web hosting accounts and managed servers starting on 1 November 2021. Starting with the mentioned date, all calls to the outdated versions of PHP will automatically be directed to the next-highest version of PHP, version 7.2. PHP itself stopped providing support for PHP 7.1 starting on 1 December 2019. In order to ensure that your accounts remained secure in the past, we at Hetzner Online integrated security updates from new PHP versions into the outdated version. Unfortunately, the proce ...
    • Start: 2021-11-01 00:00 UTC+0
    • Affected systems: Managed (Managed Server, Webhosting)

  • Phishing mails using Hetzner's name
    • Someone is sending a phishing email with the subject "Ihre Hauptadresse wurde geändert" and "Ihre Postanschrift wurde geändert". Please delete the mail.
    • Start: 2021-02-23 06:56 UTC+0
    • Affected systems: General

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