Phishing mails stealing (Hetzner) logins / credit card data

Status: Update
Affected systems: General
Start: 2024-01-30 07:00 UTC+0 
  • Description
    Phishing emails are currently being sent in the name of Hetzner. You can identify the email by the following signs:
    - Subject: Hetzner Online GmbH - Rechnung R0017714515 30.01.2024 13:15
    - Sender: "konsoleH.your-server. de"

    It tries to get you to go to a fake login site for Hetzner Accounts so that it can steal your login data. Do not open this email or click on any links it contains. If you accidentally went to this phishing site and entered your login data, please contact our support team as soon as possible. Write a support request using your account on konsoleH, Robot or Cloud Console. If that is not possible, call the relevant support team. If you are able to, we also recommend that you immediately change your password and that you delete the phishing mail.

    You could also enable 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) in Accounts which helps to protect your account.