Discontinued support for operating system Ubuntu 20.10

Status: Investigating
Affected systems: system images
Start: 2021-08-23 06:00 UTC+0 
  • Description
    Since the official support for the operating system is very limited / is no longer available, we will discontinue support for this image Ubuntu-2010-groovy-64-minimal and we will remove it from our official product portfolio beginning on 23.08.2021. If you still need this image Ubuntu-2010-groovy-64-minimal, you will still be able to find it until further notice in the "old_images" section of our Installimage script. You can find a guide to Installimages on Hetzner Docs here:
    Important note: The operating systems in the "old_images" folder will not receive any updates from Hetzner Online, nor will we be able to offer any technical support for them.