Friendly warning: Discontinued support for PHP 7.1 for web hosting and managed servers

Status: Resolved
Affected systems: Managed (Managed Server, Webhosting)
Start: 2021-11-01 00:00 UTC+0 Ends on: 2022-01-17 11:00 UTC+0
  • Description
    We will discontinue support for PHP version 7.1 for all web hosting accounts and managed servers starting on 1 November 2021. Starting with the mentioned date, all calls to the outdated versions of PHP will automatically be directed to the next-highest version of PHP, version 7.2.

    PHP itself stopped providing support for PHP 7.1 starting on 1 December 2019. In order to ensure that your accounts remained secure in the past, we at Hetzner Online integrated security updates from new PHP versions into the outdated version. Unfortunately, the process of testing and integrating the updates into the older PHP versions is very strenuous, time-consuming work. In addition, since version 7.1 is somewhat outdated, it is no longer possible for us to guarantee the security of accounts which use this version. For this reason, we must discontinue support for this version for the forseeable future.

    Starting on 1 November 2021, the outdated version of PHP will be deactivated incrementally and all calls to the outdated version of PHP will automatically be directed to the next-highest version of PHP, version 7.2.

    You can edit the version of PHP that your account uses and perform tests on your scripts in advance via your konsoleH administration interface account. Simply go to "Settings"; "PHP configuration". If you experience any problems, you can reset the PHP version on your account to version 7.1 and continue to work on adjusting your scripts until the above-named deadline.

    If you set your PHP version in an .htaccess file (see ), you must use the appropriate version there.

    We recommend that you use the newest PHP version available.